Silica Cosplay..?

I have news!! After contemplating months after months, I have finally decided to do this cosplay!! The cosplay I’m doing is Silica from Sword Art Online. I have rough sketches and ideas on how to bring life into this cosplay with the help of Atashi, she is also a blogger, who has truly inspired me. She has been giving me ideas and tips how to make it, and I am truly grateful for it. I know this will be a challenge to make from scratch but I have finally decided that I will do it.

Featured image

Purchasing Materials!

  • 3.5 meters of Tomato Poplin – $13.93
  • 0.5 meters of Gold Poplin – $1.99
  • 0.2 meter of White Poplin –  $0.796
  • 0.3 metres of Black Poplin – $1.19
  • 1 meter of True Red 2.5 cm thick – $1.75
  • iDye True Red- $5.99

To Be Continued

Cosplay Preparation

The top blazer and the bottom blazer are a true red colour, which a brighter shade of red compared to the anime. I couldn’t find poplin in the shade of true red so I went with tomato: I purchased 3.5 metres of poplin. I also purchased a pair of Ansell white gloves for $ 1:50, which have also added into the dye bath.

I made a red halter top a few years ago, unfortunately I do not have pictures of the progress but, I will be dying this with Rit Liquid Dye “BLACK”

UPDATE: Dying the dark coloured red into true red, wasn’t really a success, it was tad brighter but was not the colour I was looking for.



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